From Fat to Fit

Well today was weigh in day for me at Curves. I am still on the down side which is good. But I want to make a bigger change. Feel I am not doing enough. And I am not. It shows a 6.5 lbs lost and 3" lost in the last month. And I know a pound a week is good for a slow steady weight loss. How do I get past the feeling I should be really working so much harder? I am sure this is something that happens to all of us. What do you do to get past the blah....I am not doing....or the "I should try more/harder/longer/something" times?

I then shook myself and said time to buck up girl. Remember what all you have done and the things you have learned? I grabbed the book I have been reading. "From Fat to Fit" by Carole Carson. She has helped me with the positive message that we all can change by doing the right things one day at a time. And beating ourselves up is not going to help us.
So I popped back over to Part 4 of her book Proliferating Weapons of Mass Reduction. I love this saying! Here I was able to revive some tips and positive ideas. I also like the 56 discoveries about eating and cooking she added.

You might also enjoy Carole's story. She has documented her weight loss and how she achieved it in a weekly diary form. Carole shares how she lost 41 lbs and 66 " in just 4 months all at the age of 59. Yes, as a senior citizen (we all are getting there) Carole made some life changes and came out all the better for it. She then shared this with others in her community, then wider in the state and finally nationwide. She even host an AARP site of Fat2Fit. I know that there is a host of stories of how others have also made the wonderful changes by accepting their own personal challenges.

Well, if she can do it then I know I can too. Along with the many other stories I have been sharing online. I need to pull up my boot straps. Drop the whip and just go for a walk. Bet I will feel better for it in the end.

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  1. Well, Nothing I say can top your little message! I'm glad I made someone shine today!

    See ya tomorrow!



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