Time to Stop Working

What is Labor Day Weekend to you?

Labor Day FireworksImage by chemisti via Flickr

Is it time to get together with family and friends for one last bar-b-que?

Or is it that last trip to the lake?

How about the time to get to go to a local parade and catch candy thrown from the floats.

Do you have a family reunion on this weekend?

Or is it beginning of hunting season?

How about the Jerry Lewis telethon for Muscular Dystrophy and fill the boot by the local fire department.

I wonder how many people still celebrate Labor Day as a time to stop laboring? To rest. The end of governing time to work. To strike against a time of non-stop labor. Well today I am going to start celebrating by slowing down. Watching videos with the family and cuddle time with College Girl.

Happy Labor Day Weekend all!

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  1. Happy Labor Day!!! I hope no matter what you do you have a great time. I am sure you will be having a family day!

  2. Good for you! We just stay off of the roads...

    I put up a post about your gift! Thanks!!

  3. damn..I remember seeing the TV DVD collection advertise plenty of times.


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