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Today I am going to go and pick up College Girl. I am so happy. I love having her here at home. And this is a 3 day weekend so I have an extra day there! Yipee! We are also getting CG's 86 Ford Mustang back up and running after minor repairs. She will be glad for that.
Now as much as I am loving her here, CG wants to be on her own. But she does not have the financial backing to do that yet. There is so much she still has to learn about jobs, money, balance, life and getting out there and just doing it. She needs guidance. And being the reader that she is I have found her some study guides.

Click Ditching Mr. Wrong to go to No More RAMEN and get your own copy.

"No More RAMEN" is a 20-somethings real world survival guide. Here is a a book that tells it the way it is. How we all ate Ramen Noodles and wanted to eat better. That is just the tip of the iceberg. You remember...just starting out? You don't? Well Nicholas Aretakis traveled from coast to coast talking to the 20-somethings (somebodies) and finding out what changes are out there. And then helping to bring all that information together so it is easy to understand. Yes these young adults are trying to learn how to be good in finding jobs, keeping them, having financial guidance (school loans abound) and the balance of life and responsibility. I have to say one of the things I like the best is the way the book is put together. Not long chapters that one slogs through. But quick short and almost in a note form. I can read it on the short times I have in my day like a college student between classes and still glean the information from the book. I am sure this will be in College Girl's backpack for sometime to come.

I also have "Climbing the Money Mountain" in which Randy Loren helps young adults learn how to reach their financial peak. This is the guide for all young adults. HONEST! Giving out information on what an educations worth, checking accounts, credit cards, that your vote counts, budgeting, identity theft, renting a home and so on and so on. 20 chapters of no b.s. and all information we so desire. It is hard to be changing, learning and looking around feeling confused. How wonderful that Randy has helped make a great guide for the 20-somebodies that are looking for that help.

I have to say these are 2 books that I feel will help College Girl more than the two text books that we ordered this month. So she has one set of books for her college education and another set of books for her real life education. I would say that these will become my newest gifts for graduation, new couples getting married or the ever famous 'no day' gift for all my nieces and nephews.

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  1. I will have to check out the books...I hope you enjoy your weekend with CG!


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