New Puter Checking out the Digs

Well here I sit in my new home. I do have to say I like the large desk

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that I have acquired. It looks pretty good on me. Of course there is so much around here I have to get to know. Being the newest computer in the house takes some getting use to.

Now I know that there is a lil net book that sits on top of me when it is here. It seems that she (being pink I know it is a she) is only a month older than I am. And that I have take the place of the 10 year old Mac that was on the desk. I hear it has been 'relocated' to the bedroom for games. I am glad to know I am used for more than games.

I am pretty nice looking being the newest and youngest of the bunch. Yeah, I have the speed that comes with it too! Whoot! Sleek and black, compact and full of space to expand as I grow. Looking good is how I see it.

Well in the searching around here I have found a few things on the desk that can be quite useful. First I have come across a whole bevy of pens that was hidden away. Someone is always swiping a pen so is good to have a cache stored. Then there is that large desk pad with a calender on it. Always good to have a place for a doodle or too. And it seems that any number of items have been plugged into my extra outlets. Just this week I have uploaded photos from the camera, charged a blue tooth, heated a cup of coffee and downloaded some ring tones onto a cell phone. Pretty versatile lil dude ain't I.

And here are some extras too. I found a deal for y'all . $30 off orders $150 or greater at HP Home Store. Use coupon code SV2132. I knew you would want a coupon code! Have fun with it!

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