Making Up a Routine

Well today Curves is closed for the owner to observe one of her religious holidays. So I will not be there to work out, sad to say. Instead I have to do an at home fitness routine.

So I started out with the good old fashion stretching exercises of taking the clothes off of the line. Good bending, twisting and stretching exercise right there. Then I continued on by sweeping the floors and mopping them with bleach. Not only did my floors get sanitized I also used those abs to sweep with (keeping tummy tight while doing it) and worked my upper arms.

Next I plan on donning my running shoes and my pedometer to see how many steps I can get while chasing Emma around the house. It is hard to go for a walk with a 3 year old. She just can not go to fast at all. But she loves to swing so I am sure I can do that too! Pushing is resistance exercise right?

Now I do not have a heart rate monitor to check and see if any of this will do any good at all. But maybe while Emma is napping I can get in some walking. Meanwhile I do have an exercise bike that moves both my arms and legs to use. And I can also get a lil more with my 'rude' machine. Don't remember the name of it but basically it looks like I am riding a bucking horse. Sorta feels like it too. I have figure out how to do sit up with that one too!

So do you think I can do my own workout today?

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  1. Hey Kiddo! Sounds like a great exercise routine! Just make sure if you snack between each one, your snack will be the Holey Donuts!

    Love ya! PJ


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