Jump Time

I have been really lucky to get to have Emma here several days a week. She is College Girls lil sister (but not my child) and I am her sitter when mom and dad are at work. Well, Emma loves to go and 'extra-size' with me at Curves every day. But 3 year olds have lots and lots of energy. So we find other ways to get her 'extra-size' here at home too.

This last week we discovered Jump with Jill! A great lil cd of fun lively music that we danced around the living room too. Emma was bouncing around with her cute lil booty as I showed her my smooth disco moves. We had a great time. And the messages on the songs were great. About how to take care of our bodies with healthy food, drinking our water and getting our muscles all moving.

I know that Emma will be here today. And sadly Curves is closed for a holiday for the owner. So it will be a JUMP, JUMP, Jump with Jill day here for sure!

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