Using Your Strengths

Kids do not come with instruction manuals do they? And we all feel like we should have some sort of booklet that says "Now Your a Parent". So there are many self help guides out there and many have some sage advice. But our lives are changing and sage advice does not always work in today's situations. So where do we go from there.

"Parenting by Strengths" is a workbook for the challenging situations that we have in today's world. This workbook is made up by 7 different authors. A collaboration of advice that they have found works. Using positive psychology and personal strengths to help us guide our young ones. Also giving advice on how to work as a team to parenting. There is also a website with more information with a blog like feel to it.

So if your looking around and wondering how the kids got in control or where is the other half of your equation then you may want to look at this guide. You may find some workable solutions and helpful ideas waiting for your here.

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