Cute Gifts for my Grandson

These are not the latest cartoon characters, nor are they TV show spokes models but they are some of the newest and cutest toys and clothes available. I just fell in love with them when I was looking for something special for my grandson. I could not decide what I wanted the most.

I am really partial to the jellycat peguin. Of course I am very fond of peguins anyway. So that just goes to reason that I would want one for myself. So no not for the grandson. But the darling lil barefoot dreams elephant blankie sure would be a great way to snuggle. I really am loving this 'phunt as I called them when I was a lil one. Of course my grand son is now a big 1 year old so this may be too baby-ish for him. What about the haba toys doggie. This is certainly very colorful and the varied pattern would be great stimulation. Now my lil grandson has several very active real doggies who might wanna eat this one up. Guess it has to be (and would look so cute on him) the appaman green monkey tee-shirt. It is bright and makes me think of my own lil monkey of a grand son.

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