Clicking for Cash?

I was working out at Curves last week when I was asked How to Make Money Blogging. Well I

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know you can make a little money with a blog. But not enough in my opinion to support an individual or family. But of course every lil bit helps too! Especially in this economy.

Blogging for Money almost sounds like a game show doesn't it. But there are many of us who do make a little. What I see most is reviews. Now from what I have seen, reviews do not garner you any money. But you can get product for yourself. It is very hard to review an item if you do not have the item on hand. Correct. For example last week we had a wonderful meal over at Nessa's house. And part of the dinner was to see how we liked the main course. She had used a new oil to cook in. Did we like it? Why? Would she use it again? This was for a review. Now what is the value of a bottle of cooking oil? Yes, it helps to have every lil bit that we do not have to purchase ourselves. But in the big picture it is not all that much either.

So the best I see is that with our blogs we can do Revenue Sharing. Yes we may bring in a lil money to help with a bill or two. But we can also use the products that we would normally buy to review too. Is this income. Yes. And would you use different ways to supplement yours?

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