There is Gold in Them Thar IRA's

Times are tough around here as well as every where else. Dear Hubby came home last night and told me about his IRA. I stuttered for a moment. Yeah, silly me hears words wrong. I could not figure out what he meant. Was this about some rifle association or Iraq war? No, duh, it is about our retirement. Well, I thought we would have to get a rifle and go to some war to ever get any money to retire on any way.

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But instead he is sharing how he is putting money into his IRA account to help us later on. I did tell you he was my Dear Hubby. How thoughtful to know he will have to support me in our old age. But I of course got all curious and looked things up online. I found out there is also gold IRA. Yes I said GOLD. Now why didn't he get one of these accounts? So then I wanted to know how to put gold in an IRA. Is there a gold 401k somewhere that I could buy. Surely not!

But yeah there really is IRA gold and a web site that will tell you how to put gold in my IRA . Well not mine but in yours. Of course I wouldn't mind if you wanted to contribute to my retirement plan. So what are you plans for paying for those golden years? Saving in an IRA? Or are you stashing all the good stuff under your mattress? Tell me.

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