Thanks Nessa

Here I am with Dan and Nessa reading a "hysterical" marker noting that we are at a Blue Star Highway. We are all fans of history and enjoy reading the Historical Markers where ever we go.
HA HA HA Nessa thought she was going to escape my camera but I caught her anyway. I just love her natural curly hair and her energetic smile. It is great to have a best friend and a neighbor all rolled up into one.
Here I am again! TA DA I don't care if I am in a bathing suit in a photo. As long as I am getting wet then life is good. We were in Colorodo Bend State Park playing in the natural springs and water falls. How cool is that!
Dear Hubby and I were goofing around walking across this chasim on a large pipe. Notice the stick to keep our balance. It was so wonderful to have time to play as adults and not be in charge for a little while. Isn't Nessa and Dan the cutest couple ever. I want to thank them again for the great weekend we had last weekend. It was so relaxing and a fun time to pal around together as friends, neighbors and
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  1. No thanks required! I wish we could all get away more often! I'm not even mad that you posted pics of me, just wish I didn't look toothless in that one of me and Dan, lol! Glad y'all had fun, I know we sure did!

    I can't wait to hit the circus with you & CG!

    And yes, it's great to have a best friend and neighbor all rolled into one!

  2. I know you both had a good time but then we can also have a good time just going to coffee or sitting on the front porch talking.


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