Watching My Home

Before I moved to Small Town Texas I use to live in the metroplex. I loved the city life there. As a matter of fact I still miss it very much. At that time I worked for a Home Security Systems
company. It was so amazing to be able to answer an alarm call and help out someone in need. It was most interesting during the holidays. You would have so many calls with fire alarms from those cooking turkeys. But most of all it really did make me feel safe to have my own Home Security.
I did not have to worry with my daughter at home when I was at work. It was also good to know that my home had a complete Home Security Surveillance System. I was always reassured that we would be cared for when we where away from home. Of course having worked with the Home Security company I was very aware of how it all figured out. When an alarm sounds at your home it is automatically signaled at the company too. Your information comes up on a screen and the call to your home is automatically dialed for the security operator. They will ask for you special code word and then when it is verified they will find out what you need for your emergency. If it is a false alarm (which most are) then you reset you system and they make a note of it. There is not extra charges for false alarms when you are there to give them the code word.
I know that having that peace of mind is important to many. Have you had a security system? Has it worked well for you? Let me know what you think about them.

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