College Girl is Leaving Soon

Well August is just around the corner and it is almost time for College Girl to be back on campus. She is more than ready but as usual I love having her home.
So it will be a loving tear that will see her on her way.
This year she moves on my birthday.

There are so many things we have to do to get her ready.
The usual weeding through her clothes.
And of course the gathering of food.
CG never goes without a ton of food available.

But this year there is something new I am sending with her!

Sears, Roebuck and Co.Image via Wikipedia

Sears CampusReady is a new program that can really help us reach out and touch CG in a way that can help.
There is a Reload-able Gift Card that Sears offers for CG to use.
This gift card is distributed to both the CG and us, the parental units as she calls us.
We can load money onto the card online, in a store, or in a student shop at a local Sears or Kmart store.
These cards can only be purchased in-store, but can be reloaded online.
But this way CG can go shopping for the Ramen noodles that she seems to live on in school or even "school supplies".
It is pretty hard on her without any extra funds of her own.

But this does go one more step down the line too!
CampusReady on Facebook is another way to keep in touch.
Here is a Facebook application that Sears has created to help us and our CG be "Campus Ready".
You know how the kids all have Facebook accounts already!
So make sure you get this sent to them along with their new "Campus Ready" reload-able gift card.

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