Oh No, It Is Time for Decisions

Well Dear Hubby called me the other day with some heart stopping information.

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Oh yes, the dreaded LIFE INSURANCE questions.

He is shopping for life insurance quotes for him and me. Now I understand why we need to have life insurance. But it still has put me further into the middle age group. Not that I need any reminders of the gray hair I keep covering up with Ms. Clariol.

But to know it is time to be serious about our plans for our future is heart stopping. Life is no longer just the bowl of cherries but what to do with the pits too. I am sure we can find cheap life insurance that will fit into our really tight budget. And I know it is very important for us to have. Even more so with the multiple heart issues DH has. So keep your fingers crossed that you are not ready for the bigger decision. Like how to make choices as to your worth or what type of funeral plans we may need one day.

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