I'm Having a Heat Wave

I swear I am melting.

I am not sure how we are going to handle August.
It is not just hot here but very humid too.

Ivaylovgrad Reservoir, Haskovo Province, BulgariaImage via Wikipedia

I wear the least I can and still stay decent.
And of course all the doors and windows are open.

We did use the a/c one day this last month to make it more comfortable for some babies we were caring for. And just that one day raised our electric bill by $50.00. Yeah just one day!
Can you imagine what a whole month would be like?

I know that last few years if we used the a/c in the summer our electric bills were $500-$600. PER MONTH.
I know we can not afford that and that is the reason for the heat wave this summer.
But there has to be some sort of answer.

If only I could afford to have siding put on our old house for insulation.

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