Off and Running again

Well we are off to San Saba with our neighbors Nessa and Dan tomorrow morning. They were so kind to invite us to visit the family "haunted" house. Whew! I am so excited. I wonder what spirits we may encounter?

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It will be great to have some time with just the adults. Nessa's kids are with their grandparents. College Girl is really glad to have some time without the "parental units" around too. So it is going to be great to have this weekend get away. I am also hoping we get to pop over to Llano. I am so hot all of the time here. Without any a/c on I sweat all of the time. There is not one chore I can do without big droplets of sweat falling from me. Honest! It has even happened when I brushed my teeth. I really want to just have some time to sit in some cold water and hydrate.

Well, I am taking my new lil net book with me and see if I can pick up a signal from anyone. If so then you will get a blog or two from me. If not I will see y'all back on Monday. Have a great weekend, We should have a spooky good time.
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