Driving to Learn

Hey I told y'all about my new net book!
It is a pink Acer and I have been setting it up with all pink themes.
You would not guess that was my favorite color.
Ok, I sorta give it away here don't I.

Well I have so much to learn.
Well I have only had Macs for over 10 years.
Thank goodness the www does not change from one to the other.
But, I have to learn so much now.
Like about the Acer Driver that is in this net book.

What all do you know about Computer Drivers?
I would not know how to even tell you what a driver is.
Heck, I don't even know what it does.
I understand I should understand more but I am a CD.
Computer Dummy!

Hey do I need to know what a Windows XP Driver is or should I know??????

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