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Today has been a busy one for me.
Up and doing first thing in the morning.
Took time to go have coffee and breakfast.
Yumm, oatmeal, bacon and toast.....my fav breakfast.
Then off to Curves for my daily workout.
3 times around the circut and I am sweating all over the place.
Afterwards I grabbed a cup of ice.
That is my snack when I want something cool and crunchy.
No calories, no fat...lol...just cool.
From there off to Mary's B & B and Antique Store to work.
Had to clean all of the B & B, top to bottom.
Whew, that was another lil workout.
Now have a lil time to get to work online.
Then it will be time to go home, mow the back yard (did the front late last night).
Afterwards I need to see what I need to gather for a trip to San Saba with Nessa.
Tell you more about that soon!

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