Landon Golf Pro?

I heard that my grandson Landon is having a great time in Myrtle Beach with his grandparents. I am so glad that they are getting this time together. But I also heard that granddad found some time for Myrtle Beach Golf. I was wondering if Landon went with granddad. I could just imagine him in the golf cart in his car seat. Ha Ha Ha

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Myrtle Beach Golf Vacations
are very popular. Of course there are so many men and women who love to play golf. I bet that it is beautiful where they are at. That wonderful ocean breeze and the green green grass. What a great way to unwind.

Myrtle Beach Golf Packages are a great way for granddad to get away from all the grand kids. It is great to have time to play in the ocean waves and enjoy the kids smiling and laughing. But having just had a vacation with them I know how it feels to get a break too. I would think that some time with Golf Myrtle Beach you would be revitalized.

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  1. Hi, I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.

  2. I am glad they are having a good time!


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