Looking in our Lovely Future

I have never been to see a fortune teller. Honest!

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Have you?

My mom did when we were all young kids. She says that she was told many things that did come about. But never shared what those things were. Hummm?

I know that I would not need a love fortune teller as Dear Hubby is the love of my life. I have been married twice before to some really great men but not the same as DH. Would you want someone to tell you who your love may be? I think that College Girl would like a hint or to.

I have had some tarot cards in our home before. But we did not have any good luck with them

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. I do not know how to read them well. I guess I should ask Annie at Witches, Writers and Words...Oh My! to help me out there. She could give me a love tarot reading.

Of course what would I learn? That DH and I are greatly suited? Well we both know that. It is like one mind in two bodies to much of the time already. Of course if we had a love psychic reading then we might find out something new? Hummm, how we may be as we age. I sure do hope that we get to spend some years just sitting on the front porch and listening to the birds together.

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  1. Im glad you found me and happy to get to know you better!

  2. Hey there gf... you are looking great. I admire your will power and keep up the good work. ^5.


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