Pacific War Museum

On our trip back home we stopped in Fredricksburg Texas to see the Pacific War Museum. It

Admiral Chester NimitzImage by cliff1066 via Flickr

use to be called the Nimitz Museum but has been enlarged and added on to include not just Admiral Nimitz but to honor the action of the Pacific Fleets during WWII. They have a memorial walk where plaques that honor different Naval ships are installed. This is something I wanted to share with my Dear Hubby. He is former Navy and quite proud of serving his country. He also followed in his father and mother's footsteps when he joined the Navy.

This particular plaque honored on of the ships that DH served on. The walk looking down this

Garden PagodaImage by Shannon Lucas via Flickr

long wall of plaque after plaque had quite an effect on DH. Before he realized it his "allergies" were working and he was tearing up. I am not sure he expected this but was really quite moved to see so many men and women honored for the service they gave to this country. It is not lost on him or me how many men and women passed on during this war or any other war.

The entrance to the National Museum of the Pac...Image via Wikipedia

Here DH is in a reflective moment. There is a Japanese garden located here also. It was given to us by the country of Japan to honor Admiral Nimitz. They sent craftsmen from Japan here to construct the garden. It is quite peaceful and wonderful to sit and reflect on the people and things we have in our lives.

Ok, DH again. You can tell I had the camera right. Here is a small section of memorial plaques

Ack AckImage by Tom Haymes via Flickr

that he is gazing at. There was a quite and still over this memorial walk that really was quite palpable. It reminded me of the way I felt when I saw the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC.

This small cemetery represents all of the lives lost by our country in the Pacific battles. It is constructed to look like a battle zone cemetery. All branches of the armed forces are represented here.

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