Enchanted Time-A Pictorial

Yes, if the Fat Lady and The Broken Down Old Man can climb Enchanted Rock, so can YOU!

Texas: Enchanted RockImage by zug55 via Flickr

A reflective moment for Dear Hubby before we start the big climb.

Enchanted RockImage by Casey Morris via Flickr

Sure I look cool and easy. We have a long climb to go!

Texas: Enchanted RockImage by zug55 via Flickr

At the top finally!

Enchanted Rock as viewed from the trail leadin...Image via Wikipedia

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  1. Looks like a fun...and exhausting time.

  2. Enchanted Rock certainly looks like it would live up to its name.. It looks amazing..
    Congrats to you for climbing to the top.
    I was wondering is there someone at the top to sell bottles of water.. I would need one and not want to carry anything extra up there..
    I am so glad you had a wonderful time away.. Thanks for sharing!
    Take Care


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