I'm a Traveling Man

This is our lil man grandson, Landon. We were so lucky to get to see him this last week when we went to Sea World and the San Antonio Zoo. It seems he is off on another trip with his other grand parents. Yes a traveling young man he is.

So now he is going to the east coast to Myrtle Beach. I am not sure of the Myrtle Beach Accommodations that he will be staying at. I hope they are as lovely as the suites we had while in San Antonio. I know that it was nice for the whole family to be in one area when we were relaxing. It is also great to have a place where you can fix your own food instead of eating out all the time. Myrtle Beach Accommodation will surely have a few thing you need with a baby on the trip. I was thrilled to use the laundry room to wash up all the swimsuits and beach towels after we all piled back into our room. And it was good to have time to go and exercise on the treadmill for some down time too.

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Myrtle Beach Hotels will surely cater to families with the vacations that must be held there. I am told they plan on going to Family Kingdom Amusement Park and Water Park. If so then it will help to have the grand parents there. We spent a good portion of our Sea World trip hanging with our lil man, Landon. The kids and older grandchild all went to play in the water park but he is much to small for the waves. So instead we took it as time to unwind, sit in the shade and let him have a much deserved nap. Heck Dear Hubby aka Poppy was ready for a nap too. Too bad he could not fit in the stoller too.

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  1. What can I say, sounds just wonderful. Brings back memories of our family vacation when I was young. We always got rooms with kitchens, which is awesome!!!


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