I call her Facey

This is my college girl all freshly scrubbed.
And though she is dewy eyed and shiny she suffers from acne.
Yes, suffer is the right word!

We have tried all kinds of acne treatment.
From facial scrubs, astringents and the ever loathsome "picking".
Yeah, mom is horrid at going crazy about CG's acne that will not go away.

I do not know what acne product you have used.
Or if you have a acne solution.
I do know that I had a fraught face as a teenager.
And I want CG to always look this dewy fresh.

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  1. Hey, Mary Kay offeres some good acne fighting gel. I dont use it personally but one of my clients do and she loves it.

    Here is the link...and remember shipping is always free if you want to give it a whirl


  2. Miss Mae uses Mary Kay. They have a teen line that is fabulous. I know CG isn't a teen... but we've never had big breakouts using MK w/ Maeci.

    I use aveeno daily scrub and moisturizer. :) I haven't ever noticed CG's acne issue.


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