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I am not sure if I have mentioned that Dear Hubby and I both have been married twice before to other spouses. I know that is not here or there to most. But due to previous marriages DH has to pay child support. That makes it much harder on us to be able to afford the things we need at our home.

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Now child support is not a bad thing, not at all. DH and I both feel it is important to pay this and help out where it is most needed. But there is a time and a place to have some of the payments stopped. DH's first family is now all grown and having children and lives of their own. Yet he is paying a outstanding child support on that family. The child support is not so bad as the amazing amount of interest our state tacks on to it. He will be paying this til the day he dies. HONEST!

DH also has a second family out of state and pays child support there too. His child there is almost grown and that support will be finished in a few more years. We do see an end in sight there. Now he pays every week out of his paycheck. Half of all his wages goes to child support before we pay taxes, health insurance, retirement or any other withholding. So why do we also have to lose any and all of our tax returns too? Yes, we never see a tax return. It is divided up among the two ex wives. I feel we should have some form of tax relief there.

Last year I did finally find out that I can file an injured spouse form and should receive something back of my own. But this year I have to say that the ex wives must have been quite surprised. You see when our tax return goes to them we do receive a letter telling us as to what the tax debt amount was. This year the tax relief that the ex wives split among themselves was a whole whopping $1.00. Yeah, the each received a check of 50 cents each.

I know that sounds awful of me. But for one time I am not losing a massive amount of money.

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  1. support is frequently fraught with difficulty. im so sorry to hear so much has to go to back support when you need it for yourselves. hooray for "injured" spouses... i hope it eases up soon :).


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