Going on a Road Trip

This next week Dear Hubby and I are going on our first vacation alone!
We are so excited.
We are planning a road trip for 4 to 6 days.
And we are not telling anyone where we are going.

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So that means we could end up anywhere at all.
We could drive north where it is much much cooler.
Get out of this Texas heat.
Heck, we could find cheap hotels in Niagara Falls and pretend we are on our honeymoon!

Or we could stay in the south since we already acclimated to the heat.
I know I adored the time I spent in Louisiana before.
If we could get a New Orleans accommodation then we would be able to stroll the French Quarter.
Sightseeing all that has been rebuilt in that town would be quite interesting.

Or we could just stay here in our own great state of Texas and tour the hill country.
I have family and friends all over the area.
Also it would not be hard to find a hotel in and around the many big cities we have.

I just know that we are excited and can not wait to start our adventure!

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  1. Hope you two have a wonderful time!! :)

  2. or you could drive to new england and stop in and see us!!!!! we'll leave the light on!!!


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