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Today is the celebration of our great country with a kickoff of fireworks and parties.

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I wish to say Happy Birthday to the good Ol' USA also!
But I want to share why the 4th of July is especially good for me.

I have shared that this is the 3rd marriage for my Dear Hubby and I.
Well we meet in unusual circumstances.
I had traveled to my mom's lil town in the middle of Texas to say goodbye to my 2nd cousin.
His death was very hard on Granny M as they had been more than relatives, they had been close friends for over 25 years.
Deaths often make us look around us and see how we and our family members have aged.
And I was not any different.

At the funeral there was a "honorary pallbearer", a man who was more than rail thin.

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He looked as if the wind would knock him over.
He was young (well my age compared to the others around) but using a cane to move around.
I noticed that when it was time for the lowering of the casket this gentleman stood tall and gave a solitary salute.
Afterwards there was the usual meal hosted by the local AmVets as my cousin had been their commander at the time of his death.
I had helped my great Uncle get his plate and sat with him sharing some stories.
(He was always a great flirt with the ladies, even I was under his charms.)
I noticed the same rail thin gentleman helping an elderly lady with her plate too.
They joined at the end of our community table.
And then I heard him talk, laugh and I looked up at him.
His eyes where shining.
His voice sounded like a deep treble ringing.
I was enthralled.
I knew I wanted to talk with hm and worked up how to join in on their conversation.

When it was time to leave I joined my mom, Granny M, at her local cafe.

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I could not stop thinking of the gentleman with the cane.
"Mom", I asked?
"Would I be too forward to call him and ask if he would join me for a cup of coffee?"
"Mom? Do you know his name?"

So I worked up the courage to call this stranger and see if he would like to continue our conversation?
Only to receive the answering machine.
It had been so hard to get the nerve up to call already.
But I could not stop thinking of him.
So finally I tried again.
He answered, surprised to find out who was calling.
"No" he said.
I was embarrassed.

He was going with his family out to celebrate the 4th of July.

A firework in Bratislava, Slovakia, 2005Image via Wikipedia

The towns party had been rained out on the 4th so it was being re staged tonight.
Would I like to join him?
I did not even think.
I said Yes!

That night we sat in the middle of the football field in small town Texas.
And we talked, smiled, flirted and our relationship blossomed.
All under a sky filled with Fireworks.
The same fireworks that was bursting inside of me....and within my Dear Hubby too!

So as you can guess, Dear Hubby and I share every 4th of July together.
We sit on the same football field every year.
We sit, talk, laugh and every year we still watch the fireworks.
And every time we still feel the same fireworks within us too!

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  1. Happy 4th of July. Happy Anniversary (of sorts) may you always feel fireworks.

  2. that's a great story!
    happy 4th of July and have a great vacation, where ever you are.


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