Where In The World Is Lynette?

Hi y'all! Here are the first set of clues for the Where In The World Is Lynette giveaway. See if you can figure it out. I don't know myself, she is just phoning in her clues to me. These were actually all clues she gave me on Sunday.

Fried Green Tomatoes album coverImage via Wikipedia

1. They saw a man made out of tire rims.

2. They passed by Baby Head Cemetary.

3. You know the scene from Fried Green Tomatoes where Buddy, Idgie, and Ruith are walking along the water fall spilling over the damn? She said she saw a scene almost just like it, with kids playing in the water falls.

Horseshoe Falls (#90)Image by Christopher Chan via Flickr

4. They happened upon a washer and horshoe tournemnet.

horseshoesImage via Wikipedia

5. She went on a Fairy Tale Hike.

That's all I have for y'all so far. Good luck figuring it out!

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  1. They're in the Texas Hill Country. Baby Head is near Llano..I think. Maybe they're headed to Fredericksburg?

  2. wow i have NO idea!!! if she's coming this way, tell her to call so i can change the sheets!!!

  3. I am thinking she is at Robinson City Park on the banks of the Llano River.

  4. I was also going with Llano.. but now my SIL guess that,,,, love my 2 dogs.. go away..hehehe
    so hmmm I still think thats it..
    but I will say Roanoke VA cause there is a Fairy Stone Park there.. My aunt went once and loved it..
    I know she is in Llano Texas.. I can feel it in my bones.. or its gonna rain!

  5. I dunno, but sounds like she's having fun! :-)

  6. Juls, Lovemy2dogs and Auntrene y'all all got that I went through Llano on Sunday. I did not get to play in the wonderful water but...hoping too on our way home. No I am not in Fredericksburg (yet?). So guess on Monday's clue. Hummmm, I wonder what or where I will be on Tuesday????

  7. I was thinking Llano just like everyone else. Check out what I found about BabyHead Cemetery.

    Here's my guess, Fairy Tale Hike = Enchanted Rock.

  8. crazee info...there nessa. Good detective work though. I didn't think about wikipedia


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