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Why UPrinting.com isn't your average printing company:

This is what I was pondering when I was looking at a way to help promote my blog. I am sure y'all look at ways to help your blog grow too. Well I am thinking of business cards to share with others as an introduction to who I am and my blog. You know you see them for all kinds of companies. Well, I was thinking that I should think of my blog as my own lil company too! I have been looking at UPrinting every since I won a great photo give away. I liked the results and customer service I received from them. It took me three different photos before I found the one I wanted to enlarge and they were just great about taking the time to see how each one would work out. UPrinting would contact me and let me know if the size was wrong or if the print would be too grainy once it was enlarged. That was good information for me to know so I would be satisfied with the picture I would pick out.

Then UPrinting contacted me and asked if I was interested in having them purchase a lil advertising space on my blog. Would I???? Great! So you will see their lil box over to the right side telling us about ways to save money on printing needs. So now it seems quite logical that I turn to UPrinting to help me upgrade my blog with business cards.

I already like that UPrinting supports a sustainable future by recycling, using non-toxic inks, and offering eco-friendly recycled paper stocks for business cards and postcard printing. If you are looking to find a sponsor for your blog, UPrinting.com is definitely interested. They offer giveaways, advertising and more for qualified bloggers. The U-Community Program sponsors hundreds of non-profits and education to improve our local communities. The UPrinting Kiva account promotes small business growth in developing countries. UPrinting has many ways to help you promote your blog and to help our enviroment stay healthy too!

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