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I had a great time on my mini-cation this week. Dear Hubby and I was able to "reconnect" again. It can be hard living in a full house...I am sure you understand that. But once my daughter became a college student I envisioned much more time alone with my DH. Well that is not what happened. First I moved in my mom before my daughter was out of high school. I felt it was important to have my mom here with us. So I was happy about that. Then College Girl comes home every summer and vacation still. Which is still really nice as I miss her when she is gone. DH has to work two jobs so he is caring for his responsibilities. SO that leaves very lil time for him and I.

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This last week on our run away we was able to talk, cuddle and just enjoy each others company. We did a leisurely drive to south central Texas on Sunday. First we stopped at the Swinging Bridge that is not too far from us. Then (yes Juls) on to Llano. Time spent walking around, visiting antique stores and a local museum and a bite of lunch. From there we traveled on to Enchanted Rock. Silly us, up the "rock" we went. It was a steep climb but was great time together. Three hours later we were back at our car and off to San Antonio. We met up with my bro-in-law, DH's daughter and our grand children.

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Monday was Sea World, where my granddaughter petted a dolphin and Tuesday was the zoo. A late dinner to celebrate my best friends upcoming birthday (she lives close to San Antonio) on Tuesday night. Then finally a bit of alone time with DH again late that evening. Wednesday we started back home.

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First we stopped at Sister Creek Vineyards for a tour of their winery and a tasting. Next was Luckenbach with time for a relaxing beer and some music. And then on to Fredricksburg where we toured the National Museum of the Pacific War. That really got to DH as he said his "allergies" was making him tear up. Of course we had to have a real German meal while we was there with schnitzel, spatzle and wurst. We then meandored home through Mason, Brady and Brownwood.

It was a wonderful relaxing four days and I loved every minute of it. Thanks to Nessa for caring for my blog while I was gone. And I will be contacting several of you to send you a special gift for playing "Where in the World is Lynette". Thanks for hanging in here with me.

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  1. I'm so glad that DH got some time off....he works hard and deserved it. I was totally going to guess that you went to Luckenbach... we loved Luckenbach...so funky hip and absolutey tiny. One of my really good friend's mom works at the t-shirt shop there at Luckenbach...and she lives in Fredericksburg. I can't believe I didn't get that you went to Sea World---we were there last spring break. I loved it! Anyway, great trip!! Hope you two can enjoy more soon!

  2. Nice that you had some time off. Check out the award I gave you on my blog:)

  3. Sounds like you had a blast!!!!!


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