Time to Mow the Lawn

Well since I can not get my dad (not birth father) to visit for Fathers day (his place or mine), I guess I get to do instead. I do need to mow, weed eat and pull weeds from the garden.
Before it becomes a jungle out there.

I wish I had skid steer attachments of the lawn rakes. Of course I would have to have the equipment to put them on. But oh the power it would have. ha ha ha!

Me and power tools.

If I could get a good post hole digger clothes line pole. This last week I saw it is actually leaning in the hole it is in. So we will have to reset it soon.

If I had one of those zero turn mowers then it would be a snap to get the large back yard mowed. Heck I would set off and do the neighbors fields too. How that would cut down on the mosquitoes around here. We would all love that.

But I just have to use the garden equipment that we own already. So out comes the weed eater, lawn mower and the gloves.

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  1. sounds like you have a productive day planned. :) Have fun!??


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