Dr. Time

Left leg of 29 male patient infected with MRSA...Image via Wikipedia

I had to take Dear Hubby to the doctor today.
His back has been trying to go out on him for several weeks now.
That we are use to.
You know the hunchback look.

But that was topped with another infection on his leg.
You may remember that DH battled MRSA about a year ago.
This looks the same.
So we tend to get pretty nervous about that.

Last time he ended up in the hospital on IV antibiotics.
We are hoping we do not have to go that far again.

You see DH's vacation time is coming up again.
The last vacation time he had was spent in the hospital with the MRSA.
We was hoping to do a 3 day car trip instead.

So cross your fingers and send DH some prayers.
We would appreciate them.

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  1. OH MY. Hannah Grace had staph infection twice this year. The first time, she almost landed herself in the hospital.... because she had MRSA...but thankfully-- Switching around antibiotics, until we got the right one, and me with my bottle of peroxide..

  2. Goodness! I hope that isnt MRSA. I had a spider bite that looked alot like that a couple of months ago. I hope it goes away fast!


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