Sweet Scents

Do you Talk Perfume with your friends or family? Well College Girl and I was talking about our favorite perfume today. And we can't find hers anymore. It was from Avon and looked like the Far Away bottle but was pink. Her grandmother gave it to her for Christmas and she was hoping to get some more. Do you know what it was?

My favorite of my mom's was Jungle Gardenia by Jovan. I wish I could smell that one again. When I was little I would sit at her dressing table and look longingly at the bottle waiting for a little dab of perfume on my wrist.

And my first perfume was probably yours too. Love's Baby Soft! It went in my favorite things box. I know it is really sweet but it so reminds me of first dates, puppy love and crushes on the boys.

So what is your favorite perfume? And why?


  1. Love's Baby Soft rocked! My favorite, that I cannot find anymore, was also by loves. It was a soft jasmine scent and I adored it! These days I mostly wear body splashes or sprays, usually Brown Sugar & Fig in the fall/winter months and Magnolia Blossom during the spring/summer. Both scents are fabulous!

  2. Look what I found!



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