Let's Cool Off

This summer I am trying my best to save all I can on our electric bill. So we have not used our central a/c as of yet. Even though we have had temperatures up in the 90's so far. Now we do get warm but we are using our Ceiling Fan and box fan to help cool off. Along with keeping our doors and windows open for air circulation.

I want to maximize the air flow we do receive so I looked up Ceiling Fans
online. There I learned what was the correct settings for the summer and winter months. Maybe this information will help you too!

What a help this has been. I have a Ceiling Fan in each of our rooms. But I am looking for two for my front porch. We use the porch as if it is a room on our house. One end has a "living room" set up and the other end is like a "dining room". Hansen Wholesale Ceiling Fans
has a great collection of fans.

This is the fan that I found that will be perfect for me. It has down rods that come in different lengths. This way I can have the fans drop lower than our light fixtures so the fans and the lights will all fit. I know this will help us keep cool and enjoy the benefit of having a large front porch.

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