Special Treat for Me

Thanks to Mamarazziover at http://www.ourdandelionwishes.com/.

She was ever so kind as to pick me as one of her followers.
Mamarazzi does a drawing from her followers and sends them special lil prizes.

I was so excited today!
I have a Mamarazzi's Playlist CD with 21 songs on it.
I can't wait to hear it.
And since we have a 1 1/2 hour car trip tonight I know what will be on the CD player.

Mamarazzi is one of the Fishful Thinking bloggers.
So as a result I won a great tote, note pad and pen, bookmark and lil booklets too!
I feel so special that she has chosen me to share with.

Again Thank You

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Yippee! You came to talk to me. Thanks.
You know how special that makes me feel?
Like I swallowed the moon and the stars and I just shine now!