Jodie Foster is my all time favorite actress.
I know that she is not considered the top drawer in sexy women.
But I am so drawn to her acting and her intelligence.

Richard Dreyfus has the same draw for me.
Of course I think he is sexy too!
But that is not too odd?

College Girl was in love with Dick Van Dyke and Andy Griffith when she was growing up.
I was sure she was going to grow up to marry some gray hair man.
But that is not the case. LOL
CG's poppa had gray hair and that was the draw for her.

Dear Hubby has a massive crush on Goldie Hawn.
You know the original blonde!
Oh what he would do to ever meet her.

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  1. Jody Foster is great. It has been a really long time since she has made a movie.. This summer would have been good for that! I am a movie freak! I love going to the movies especially when my favorite actors are on the big screen.


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