Meshing Dreamland

The observerImage by Bousure via Flickr

I woke early this morning from a fitful dream sleep. You know where life is still muddled in your brain. Not sure why feelings are swirling around you, yet still caught up in them.

I suffer as it is with my mental illness. So when I get in this panic ed breathless mode it is hard for me to let it go. Have you felt that? Where it seems what ever you do your heart is still racing, your chest pained for air and your mind chaotic in thought.

Yeah, you lay there a minute to let your self calm down. Realize it was from those messed up dreams. Wonder where the dreams come from. Then you start telling yourself to do the normal day to day things and this will slip away. But you still have that slight pained chest as you push up and try to slip back into life.


  1. oh, i hope you feel better! there's nothing worse than a disturbing dream - soemtimes i find if i can't get one out of my head it helps to either paint it or write it down ... big hugs and hope you feel better soon... xox... annie ... ps... it occured to me that a dream like that could be connected to CG's recent experience ... i think that's enough to send ANY mom into a tizzy!!! it would sure upset me and im sure i would have plenty of bad dreams about it!!

  2. I hope your day improves and you begin to feel better.. sorry you had such a rough night of dreams. I am sure that everything that happened with CG had something to do with it. So glad she is ok..
    Take care of yourself, Hope to hear you are feeling better..


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