A Hiking We Will Go

My girlfriend Julie is going to come see me this week. Hopefully arriving Sunday night or Monday morning at the latest. She is braving the lack of a/c here at my home so we can go hiking. Yeah, Hiking! You see Julie is made of tougher stuff than I am and she is helping me expand my horizons. Or at least keep trying to take off some of this excess weight.

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What is neat is that my Sierra club card toting friend can always help me learn how to be better at going Green. You know, saving our earth anyway you can by recycling and reusing. Now being a frugal lady myself that is something I am all for. She is planning on bringing her Ecobins Binocular with her for us to use at the lake. The binoculars are eco-friendly. The carrying case and strap that are part of the Ecobins binoculars are made from a fully biodegradable fiber. I remember learning about biodegradable products when I was in Jr. High school. Yeah, Yeah, back in the olden days. I felt then the strong pull to do what we can to save where we lived. And at that time I vowed to always try and be a conservative person.

I think it is great that Julie can share these earth friendly Ecobins Binoculars with me. She has told me all about the lenses and casing being eco-friendly. And knowing my adorable lil hippy of a girlfriend I know these will be a great assest to our hike. I am sure looking at all the birds around the lake will keep my mind off of the heat!
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  1. have fun hiking! I might grab the kid and go to the swamp this afternoon.

  2. Hope you have fun with Julie. :) Sounds like a good time!

  3. Hope it was fun! I am trying to exercise more outdoors now that the rain has stopped...

  4. I'm sure y'all will have fun! just don't melt out in this lovely triple digit heat!


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