My Brother's Get Away

My brother travels with the snowbirds. Honest and this is how he makes his living. Don't know what a snowbird is??? Well that is the term for the RV lifestyle that travels from the north to the south to get away from the harsh winters. And this summer my brother has set up in his home away from home to work repairing the a/c units in these RVs.

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When I asked him where he was going this year he had a few places in mind. You see there are RV parks all over this country. One of them is a RV park NC where they have a beautiful lake, tall lush trees and even cabin rental for those without a traveling home. Since I have family in the Carolina's this would be a great place to set up camp, so to speak.

I know the NC RV parks have many extras to draw in summer settlers. Some things that I would enjoy are the bingo hall, the dance pavilion (oh how I love to dance), the game room and a pool and sauna. I know that I use to look at the RV lifestyle as one where you escaped civilization to be a vagabond. But I know now that it is a way to actually re bond with your family and look at this beautiful world while you still can.

The RV Park North Carolina was not the one my brother chose. I wish it was. Maybe I could have joined him for a lil break. But instead he is in beautiful Ruidoso New Mexico. Hey, Juls you loved it there for vacation didn't you? Well maybe he will go to North Carolina next year.
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  1. New Mexico is beautiful, I'd love to go back there.

    I think an RV would be fun as long as I didn't have to drive it.

  2. Yep-- We love Ruidoso and go pretty often. Do you know which RV place he's at?? We have a camper trailer that we keep year round up there at an RV place...although sometimes, (like on Spring Break) we do stay in a hotel....because we're crazee!


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