It's Time to Bake the Goodies

We have been making all kinds of goodies for Mary's Antique Store lately.
I would love to have a shop like above.
Of course, Nessa, would be my head cook.
Oh my she can make some calorie goodness!
But today we have cheated a little.
It is hot at home without any a/c on.
So I went to a local bake sale to help our senior citzens center.
This would help them out and keep our home not so hot.
And still have home made goodies.
Ok, Ok, I took a short cut?
Shoot me!


  1. Ha Ha! We baked cup cakes last night...chocolate cupcakes:)

  2. I also have failed miserably at staying away from yummy baked goods.. I went to the Amish Bulk food store, and she had just baked homemade (of course they don't bake anything but homemade) Angel Food Cake.. I swear it is the lightest thing I have ever eaten.. delish.. I hav had 2 pieces.. there is tons left.. stop over and have a piece.

  3. omg you made my mouth water!!!! angel food cake is a great way to have a sweet treat- esp if you serve it with fruit!!!!!


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