Credit Is as Credit Does

I was talking to Dear Hubby about credit repair last night. Yeah, I know, not exciting conversation. But it can be very necessary to talk about. I am sure that in this trying economy we are not the only ones looking to improve credit at this time.

I know that there are many credit repair services out there. And trying to figure out all of the credit repair information can be quite mind boggling. Especially if you have a bad head for numbers like I do. This is something I would much rather hand over to someone else to help me with then to muddle my way through it. I am sure your the same way about some of the things you tackle.

One of the biggest things we have done is teach College Girl how important it is to keep clean credit . When you hit college it seems that the credit card companies are ready to help you move into your dorm if you want to accept one of their cards. Thankfully she has managed to be pretty cautious there.

How are you handling the problems of too little money at a time when there is way too much credit?


  1. WE dont have really any credit because ours wasnt so hot. We paid most of our cards off and working on another now. Its just so hard right now with the economy.

  2. It is hard to get your head around credit repair, but keep in mind you can't just hand it to someone else. Most credit repair companies are either rip-offs or are charging a lot to do something you can do.
    I'm sure there are government and non-profit organizations to help.
    And you are so right to tell CG to keep it clean from the beginning. Get a card, use it, pay it off monthly or at least on time to establish a good credit history.


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