It Takes a Village

I had a friend call me last week for some advice. You know that when your friends ask for advice you sit back and take a deep breath. Taking the time to hear what they are seeking and making sure you formulate your ideas before you talk. I am glad I did just that this time.

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They wanted to know if I could help them find a drug rehabilitation for a friend of theirs. Oh this is a sticky situation was my first thought. Now I know that drug Treatment is very important. And that as friends we are often called on to help others when they do not perceive a problem. But is very hard to tell a friend that they need to find help.

Well I asked some questions about the situation that this friend was in. And I tried to draw from my own knowledge of seeking help for other type of problems. Most of all I passed on how I had been helped through my medical group to find a good place to go so I could quit with problems that I had unknowing had for most of my life.

I do know that residential drug rehab is the best way to go when trying to stop a habit of this nature. Because your needing to change your environment as well as your thought process. By being away from family, friends and especially bad influences the info you receive is processed faster. Also you have to take the time to think for yourself.

I really hope that I was able to help my friend with the lil bit of knowledge that I had. I especially hope that they were able to guide their friend to help. I know that it takes a village to raise a child. But it takes the same village to support one another too.

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  1. That is a sticky situation. I am sure the advice you gave was good and hopefully everything will work out.

  2. You are a good friend and that is a tough situation. My thoughts are with your friend's friend!


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