Dot Com Here They Come

I still feel like most of the stuff online is all greek to me. I am never sure what works with what program. Or how to make your web site work? Mostly I rely on Nessa to help me. Honest.

She does so much to help me with my blog. I have had so much advice on how to set things up. And when she moved over to a dot com site I was just as excited as she was. Of course how she set it up and moved everything is back to that "greek" language to me.

Now there is help online. Well, that is where I find most of my help. You can find information on
web hosting with a click of your mouse. It is so handy to have a site that will lead you on that journey. It gives you a list of free domains, like here on blogger. It also has information on how to make money web hosting. And for those of y'all who are trying to stay "green". There is even "green" web hosting. Honest! These hosts use alternative and renewable energy, plant trees, recycling waste and purchase RECs to power their data centers. That is a great thing to keep in mind.

So when your ready for that big move to a dot com site, then pop over to find your best budget deal or one that will give back to our earth. Let me know so I can show up with all the balloons and food for the party. We will have a great kick off. And if you have trouble just call on Nessa. Remember she is my go to girl for all things internet.

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