COOL Idea!

I am so excited!
I am hoping to finally have relief.

Top off that I have the issue of being large.
Added to menopause night sweats.
Include that we do not have any a/c turned on.
And we are HOT!

Now there is a great economically solution.
I can not afford to run my a/c at this time.
Using the bed fan will help us stay cool and not have to use the a/c either.
Frugal savings are always a cool idea.
You know I am always looking for a frugal solution.
How do we stay cooled off, especially with night sweats?

I want a bed fan!
This is the coolest idea ever.
It is a fan that sits at the foot of your bed and feeds up under your sheets.
When you turn it on you get a great cool breeze between the sheets.
That sounds so wonderful to me.
No more sleeping hot!

I have been suffering with the menopause night sweats for over a year now.
Also the fact that when I sleep my body temperature raises.
This is really a product that can make me more comfortable and my husband too!
Simple idea and smart follow through.
I want my bed fan!

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  1. a bowl of ice in front of a regular fan will help cool the air, too... ;)


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