Well here is my weigh in update.

As of today going by Curves scales,
I am now 14 lbs lighter then I was 10 days ago.

So guess it is all working together.

Diet, Exercise, Alli and Symlin!


  1. WOW thats fast!!!! Congrats!!

  2. Wow Congratulations!!! That is amazing!
    Take Care

  3. Holy Crow 14lbs in 10 days!!!!!! I may have to try this too. I've thought of the Alli, come close to picking it up a few times but well never have - but you are making me a believer.

  4. Congrats!! I tried Alli but I have fibromyalgia and all it did was constipate me. My Dr. said that fibromyalgia does that, it causes your body to be very picky and lets you know when you are putting something in it that it doesn't like.

    But Congrats to YOU!!

  5. Way to go!!!!

    I haven't visited in you in awhile. Glad to hear it is going well for you.

  6. i've just read that people who take thyroid meds have to be careful taking alli. it disrupts absorption. have to take at least 4 hrs apart. i guess i have to do this the old fashioned way. darn it! lol

    congrats to you...if i could lose 14 lbs in one week i'd be partying.

  7. Congratulations! Even with Alli, it's your effort that makes the difference.

  8. thanks all
    i appreciate the support
    i am working so hard at losing this weight for good


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