Rainbows and Cool Breezes

I have been pampered this morning. My brother in law was here overnight. And this morning he made me french toast for breakfast. He is always so nice to cook breakfast when he visits. I think tonight I am going to use my gift of Ahi Tuna, rice, stirfry veggies and the mango wasabi for dinner. Share my bounty with family and have a good evening.

Double gift is my Dear Hubby is already home from his first job and has the rest of the free. Yeah! So I am going to actually have family time. College girl is here and I just can not think of a better day. We had a good rain this morning and it has passed now. So time for the rainbow and cool breezes.


  1. sounds like a wonderful way to spend the evening!! enjoy your rainbow! :)

  2. Sounds like a perfect Saturday, indeed!


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