Birds not Ants

auntrene had left me a message about a problem she was having. It was. . .

"My biggest enemy in the yard right now are the ants and bees that won't leave my hummingbird feeders alone. Last year we had about 15 hummingbirds, This year the most I have seen is 2. The ants are so bad they crawl up the pole and get into the feeder. Anyone have any hints how to make them stop?"

My reply was. . .

"The simplest and most effective way to rid yourself of ants at the hummingbird feeder, is to use an ant moat. An ant moat is a small cup-like device that hangs between your feeder and your hook. Fill it with water, and it creates a barrier to ants! Many manufacturers also make hummingbird feeders with ant moats built in."

auntrene came back with. . .
"Wow Lynette, Thanks so much for all of the great information. I love the Hummingbirds, They are absolutely amazing to watch. My Daycare kiddos enjoy it also. I have a large screened in porch on the back of my house. I have little chairs and benches out there and the kiddos will sit for hours and watch all of the birds. The hummingbird feeders are right next to the porch and they will come and feed even with the wild hooligan kiddos sitting on the porch. Amazing creatures. I am going to look for a Ant Moat. Thanks!! Have a fantastic day!"

Well I went looking for a hummingbird feeder with an ant moat. Of course when looking I wanted best hummingbird feeders. I found one at a great deal. . . or so I think. This one has the feeder and the nectar for only $7.84. Think it is a good deal? Maybe it will work for auntrene.


  1. Hey Lynette, Thanks for all of the checking for a hummingbird feeder with a ant moat, I would love to know where the bargain feeder is, I will check it out to order.
    Just wanted to clear up I am Auntrene... but not Aunt of 14.. I believe we are 2 different people.
    I will be checking for one of those hummingbird feeders. I miss the hummingbirds.
    Have a wonderful evening, your breakfast this morning sounded wonderful. I hope your day was great.

  2. aunt rene

    forgive the mix up in blogs and names
    my error
    i will fix it
    also here is the link for that feeded
    hope it helps.



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