Just Keep on Working

I woke at four this morning and prayed for sleep. Nope! So I read til six. Then discovered I had a horrid headache. Must take some sinus meds to get past it. I now need to eat (3 1/2 hrs after I woke). But the largest part of the day will be at my in laws.

My Mom-in-law had some stints done this last week for her heart. There was a lot of free bleeding that took several days to stop. She is now home but needs to rest. So me and bro in law are going to go ane help. I can do inside and he can do outside. I am going to try and recruit College Girl to go with us. But I am also taking my own car since I know bro in law is great about creating jobs and then "delegating them".

Dear Hubby is working a full shift at the store today. I am hoping to fix the Ahi Tuna tonight since it did not work yesterday. He had 2 hrs sleep between jobs so he crashed for the majority of the day. No wonder!


  1. You sound like you will be having a very busy day today. I am going to be doing the inside and outside work at my house today. Making room for the train table, I can't wait for the kiddos to see it tomorrow. It should make for a nice calm Monday morning.. New toys!!!
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. we have a busy day planned as well. Hang in there girl! :) You're such a blessing to so many people-always willing to help.

  3. What a busy day. Hope mom in law heals quickly. Hope you are delegated too much stuff and that DH gets some sleep. Love all your comments on my blog. Thanks!!!!!

  4. Hi Lynette
    I hope your head gets better! I also hope your mil heals quickly. You have been going through a lot lately!


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