So this is Life

Well all my bloggy friends I want to tell you of all kinds of new things. But nothing new going on. Just the same ol thing. Me working hard at my weight loss with exercise, calorie counting and meds. It is working which is the best I have had ever. Today I managed to get a great sunburn while pulling weeds in the garden. We totally screwed up in our garden. Not able to give it the time it deserved. So pulled up what we could get to and use and the rest will get plowed back in. Nothing but a major field of stickers really. Well we learn from our errors.

My lovely College Girl is to start work next week. Of course she may not live that long. LOL She just sat down beside me and is eating a bag of Hershey Cherry Cordial Kisses. And me on a DIET! Oh this will test my will power for sure. Well guess she realized that and just moved away. Actually everyone here has been great to cheer me on and help me in many ways. My mom bought me some "special" food today. College Girl has been helping me monitor my food and making sure I do eat. And working out with me too! Dear Hubby has been my cheering section on each new change. Giving me great kisses and hugs too.

Oh I will get to mail off my Favorite Things Swap this weekend. I am looking forward to getting it all finished and put together. I hope my partner likes what I send her. Of course all things are to be new which is harder for me. I buy more used items. Like in antique stores and resale shops. I love original things too. So I am challenge to send her my favorite things but also make it something she would desire. So, so, so hard. But too fun also.

Well I am going to enjoy my evening with CG as DH is off to work. Y'all have a good time too. And we will visit some more tomorrow.


  1. You won my giveaway but I haven't heard back from the email i sent, so make sure you get back with me on that before time runs out.

  2. You are doing so great! i am so proud of you! You have a great big cheering section ya know!

  3. Cheering for you here in Ohio.
    I am also excited about getting my package mailed for the Swap. Trying to put things that I love that I think someone else might like is an adventure.
    I like you also love things from Yard Sales, Antique Shops, Thrift Stores.
    Gotta Go, Kiddos will be here in a few minutes.
    Have a Wonderful Day!!!

  4. Be sure to go and claim your prize from my Sister In Law's website.. Its a wonderful prize. You will love it

    Thats her link.

  5. that is so great that you are doing so well!! theres always next year for your garden :)... ive been missing all teh swaps and giveaways... no time to troll the blogs!....i know you will come up with something delightful!!!

  6. It's always more fun if you have someone working out with you. If my husband didn't insist on walking the dogs every night, I wouldn't get any exercising at all.

    My flower beds are overrun with baby weeds. I should go out there soon...

    Glad to hear you are doing well. :-)


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