I Love You, Deer

I had just mentioned my oldest and dearest friend when I thought about her mother. Her mom was always the "career woman" when I was growing up. A single (divorced) lady who was an attorney sounded so exciting to me. As I grew I learned more and more at how hard she worked to provide a good home for her kids. And the most interesting outings for them to both enjoy and learn from.

Well in her "retirement" (she does not slow down too much!) she has a beautiful home in a country setting. She has planted so many beautiful flowers, trees and bushes there too. In the evenings they can sit in the back and watch the deer come up and feed. Now that sounds idyllic. Until you realize the deer do not have any concern to eat the wild plants or her plants. So now she has to think about deer repellents. It is not easy when you enjoy nature so very much.

In wishing to keep "green" and still have areas where the deer may come around it took some shopping around to find the right product. And we did! Deer Off tricks deer into thinking there is a predator in the area with the scent it has. And the taste is hot so they do not wish to eat it. It is safe to use in all areas of your gardens so you do not have to worry about your veggies. Also it works on rabbits and squirrels too. Gosh I know of some people that would love to have this around their bird feeders! It is also good for 3 months.

We live in Central Texas and deer are all around our area. You can see them come up and graze around our post office. And I have even seen them stroll down a city street here. I would love to have them around me more often but I would have to protect my mom's plants. Or else protect the deer from my mom. This product looks like a great answer to many people. Do you have wild animals around you? And how do you protect your gardens?


  1. deer ticks are a terrible nuisance here too.... we use frontline on the animals to keep them clean... wish they had frontline for humans!!!

  2. I live in town, I have raccoon, opossum and rabbits in my yard. My back yard meets up with a field and then the woods.
    My biggest enemy in the yard right now are the ants and bees that won't leave my hummingbird feeders alone. Last year we had about 15 hummingbirds, This year the most I have seen is 2. The ants are so bad they crawl up the pole and get into the feeder. Anyone have any hints how to make them stop?
    Have a great evening. I would love to sit on the porch and watch the deer.

  3. the only wild animals around me are the ones that jump out in the street sometimes while I'm driving...you know DEER. So, sorry. I'm not help. Darn.


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